The annual Scholarship Dinner presented by the Erie Chapter is the venue for several awards presented to City and County seniors, who have been nominated by their athletic directors and guidance counselors.

Nomination is based on academics, athletics and community service. Male and female nominees from each high school receive $100 from the Erie Chapter. All nominees are considered for four major scholarships:


  • TJ Guthleben Memorial Scholarship Awards
  • Marsha Marsh Community Service Awards


  • The Ron Costello Memorial Scholarship Awards
  • The Erie Otters Brad Boyes Scholarship

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 scholarships:

John Paul Stark (Cathedral Prep), Kelly Fessler (Villa Maria , Marsha Marsh Community Service Award), Branden Elchynski (Corry), Brooke Joncas (Corry ), John Knight (Erie High), Lindsay Dougherty (Erie High, TJ Guthleben Memorial Scholarship), Jamison Cook (Fairview, Ron Costello Memorial Scholarship), Ashley McCall (Fairview), Chris Mohra (Fairview, Erie County Football Officials Association Scholarship), Derrick Shields (Fort LeBoeuf), Lindsey Fadden (Fort LeBoeuf), Seth Myers (General McLane), Sierra Seneta (General McLane), Trevor Jones (Girard), Megan Koma (Girard, Marsha Marsh Community Service Award), Ryan Starvaggi (Harbor Creek), Alison Benim (Harbor Creek), Senad Hucic (Iroquois), Sabryna Ball (Iroquois), Sebastien Moubarak (McDowell), Katherine Baker (McDowell), Alexander Miklinski (Mercyhurst Prep, Ron Costello Memorial Scholarship), Lauren Habursky (Mercyhurst Prep), Alex Furmanek (North East), Sarah Wakley (North East), John Wheeler (Northwestern, Brad Boyes Scholarship), Madison Soder (Northwestern), Colton Hoffman (Seneca), Jordan Klick (Seneca, TJ Guthleben Memorial Scholarship)